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About Us

How does one describe an incredible odyssey of a “CONNECTION WITH SELF BUT ALSO WITH ANOTHER”? That is the magic of a twin flame reunion.

Our coming together was like a wave on the magical mystical tour without the use of drugs or alcohol. It was the perpetual experience of a non-linear state of consciousness with endless dream time and cosmic download. Yippee who wants in on this ride…YIKES! Guess your wondering what that’s all about. As we go along on the adventure we will attempt to give you 3 points of view, Our view, Nicole’s view, Mel’s view. Why you ask? Good question. The WE is about our life so you get to know more about us. The Nicole & Mel views are separate so that you get to honestly see how a female experiences it, which in some cases is different than what a male does!

So lets continue shall we? From our experience most twin flame couples seem to have an awesome “romantic connection” in the beginning as the energies meld together. But when they try and formulate it into a live in relationship and treat it such as that most tend to fall apart for many reasons. The reason it seemed to work for us is that we actually had skills and abilities that we put to immediate use.

We came together in the fall of 1996 all excited to begin our new life together. We taught workshops on channeling and introduction to energy healing at a little farmhouse in Schomberg, Ontario. Everyone to our surprise was delighted and impressed with the work we taught, the wholesome meals we cooked and the fun we use to have. Our daily endeavors never seemed to disappoint us as we met so many intriguing and interesting people that either challenged or expanded our awareness on the avenues of spiritual growth.

What we do

View our Transformational Services for those whom experience signs of twin flame union.Find out if its a twin flame reunion, or a primary soul mate connection.


Counseling for soul transformation can help you by uncovering the hidden reasons as to why these things are happening to you so that you can make the proper changes or life corrections to put yourself back on track.


Offering twin flame assistance:

  • Twin Flame Validation
  • The Mystical Connection
  • The Stages of Twin Flames
  • The Runner & Chaser
  • The Fairy Tale Myth
  • The New Paradigm on Love
  • Coping with the Power Struggles
  • Navigating this Relationship
  • Compromise within this Relationship
  • The Twin Flame Separation
  • Breaking up with your Twin Flame
  • The Cultural & Ethical Experience
  • The Merging of Two Energy Bodies
  • The Third Energy
  • The Illusion of Twin Flame Connection
  • Channelling your Twin Flame or Higher Self
  • Dealing with Drugs & Alcohol & Sexual Addiction
  • The Mission and is there One
  • The Concept of False Twins
  • Creating a Twin Flame Relationship without meeting one
  • Emotionally Losing yourself & how to Cope
  • Twin Flames Purging the Family Templates
  • The Yin & Yang Exchange



Our Youtube Channel will guide you through the basics of your heart awakening journey. Let us guide you into your process, book a special session with us.

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Our articles are very helpful for you to start understanding your process. Book a session with us and let us guide you

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View our Transformational Services for those whom experience signs of twin flame union.Find out if its a twin flame reunion, or a primary soul mate connection.