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Definition of Twin Flames Twin flames is an earthly term used to describe a One Soul being or Graduate ,one soul in 2 bodies. A one soul or graduate being is a volunteer that has been chosen to return to earthly density. As they have developed unique skills and abilities that pertain to the assistance of evolving humanity in this time frame. A graduate is a soul that has completed

Soul Evolution- Creation of the Third Energy Twin Flames as messengers bring with them a possibility of a creative ability that ultimately will be accessed by all of humanity. As Twin Flames initially come together and their spiritual body reunites and becomes one there is a period of days, weeks or months where they live in a vortex of union which goes beyond description even for the couple themselves. Because

The Signs and Symptoms of Awakened & Fused Twin Flames By Mel Brand & Nicole Hibbs -written 2010 Previous signs and symptoms found on almost every twin flame or soul mate website today have not been changed for the last 50 years or more. It is important to understand that spiritual awakening is constantly changing, growing, and evolving everyday. With that thought in mind, every segment in society has advanced.

I believe that at this time it might be wise to point out to the general observer that there is a huge spiritual evolutionary process taking place on this planet and it is based upon one single item that is  of the utmost importance. Each and every one of us as we read this article can remember many things in our society that no longer resonate or please us, or

  Twin Flames: Separation and Spiritual Maturity Having the pleasure of working with a lot of Twin Flames, we have experienced a lot of individuals going through the same things: the sadness, the grief, the pain, the depression, the melancholy. One needs to keep in mind here with the Twin Flame union there is a Five body match-up (meld) that has to take place. I need to be repetitive here,