Spiritual Counseling for Soul Transformation
Intuitive Session with Mel


Counseling for soul transformation can help you by uncovering the hidden reasons as to why these things are happening to you so that you can make the proper changes or life corrections to put yourself back on track.

Need a Session? Here’s how it works.
Please pay for your session first, then we will book you an appointment. Please do not expect immediate bookings.
Camera The reason for this is that we offer other wellness services at our location which tend to book up time slots immediately.

Individual face portraits are needed in jpeg form no older than 1 year of yourself. If you want to confirm that the person is your twin flame or soul mate you must attach a photo of that person too.

To Prepare for your session
Take the time and write down questions in priority sequence.

****Sessions by phone are included in price for Canada & United States ONLY.  Other Countries must pay for phone at their own expense***

Soul Transformation Session by Phone or *Skype (Audio ONLY)
$110……for 60 minutes

Sessions can be paid by paypal but we will add 5% to our prices. Email us for details.