Each and every client is treated as a special universe.  Mel will interview a person to create a personal soul profile.  Mel tailors the inner child session techniques to suit the individual’s chakra system, etheric body and most of all accelerate the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual triggers of an individual’s psychological makeup.


  • assist in your spiritual growth
  • heal & repair fractures within the etheric, emotional and mental body
  • develop the intuitive faculty & awareness
  • self healing & introspection
  • expanding the heart to connect with higher self
  • achieve focus-discipline-clarity
  • activate love, self worth & confidence
  • understand the root of hurtful patterns & issues
  • begin to experience youthfulness
  • discover that playful aspect of  your child within
  • accelerate multidimensional states of consciousness

Fees for this Service:

$450 US Currency for a Package of 5 ( This pre-paid option allows you to book a session every two weeks.)