Readings for Twin Flames and Spiritually Evolving Individuals


Do you honestly believe you could be experiencing a twin flame or soul mate relationship? Maybe its your first time and the experience has been so overwhelming that its actually something else. Instead of a twin flame or soul mate relationship the experience is actually an expansion of mind-body-spirit at the heart center creating an opportunity of further spiritual growth for yourself instead of that divine connection. Would you not want these answers?

Would it be a wise investment to have a reading with someone whom is presently in a twin flame connection (Mel Brand & Nicole Hibbs) for 20 years? It is a consideration is it not? We think so! A reading with Mel Brand & “Dr. Pop Up “JOHN” can assist you with all your questions pertaining to the phases of twin flame, reunion, soul mate connection and catalystic heart center relationships.

Here are some points of interest:
• The twin flame merge where two energy bodies become one
• what are the levels of evolution at the 5 energy bodies
• The positive side effects of arguments
• Crash & burn of the runaway train effect
• Dealing with abandonment & emotional turmoil
• Understanding alcohol & drug addiction
• Healing sexual abuse & physical abuse
• Why are addictions enhanced
• Will I ever survive on my own and why am I having such difficulty
• Developing more love, compassion and sensitivity
• Sexual purification through higher self connection
• Why surrender and giving up control is necessary
• Replacing relationship for friendship and partnership
• How relationships improve character & personality
These are just a few reasons why people choose Mel and JOHN for a reading.

A little about Mel “JOHN”

Who are Mel & DR. POP UP JOHN—- that offer the readings?
Mel has been internationally known for his work with intuitive channeling for 25 years. He connects with his higher self called “John” whom he has chosen as one voice that connects with a multitude of others from the Christ Consciousness. We call John the heart of the soul. Hence the name “from the heart”! He offers guidance to all who seek it with a common sense approach. John’s wisdom, often complimented by his keen sense of scottish humor has helped thousands to see their lives more clearly and to understand the way to a more fulfilled, loving, and meaningful life. This type of reading tends to be vibrational, energetic, inspirational but most of all informative.

When Mel channels DR. POP UP “JOHN” is there a difference?
Mel goes into an altered state when John comes through. Mel (referred to by John as the “instrument”) changes; his voice, mannerisms, and personality blend with John’s vibration. When experiencing “John” Mel feels like he is tapping into the unified field of all possibilities. Throughout the reading Mel is completely mentally & emotionally detached while having no recollection of what is being said and prefers it that way so that he can respect client confidentiality.

Why the Intuitive Readings from Heart are Different?
Quantum physics would state it to be from an energy field or chakra level point of reference. When “John” is asked a question the answer is given from a 7 or 12 chakra point of view. A simple answer can be linked to the emotional body, mental body, physical body, spiritual body, causal body, etheric body, or a combination of a few. Meaning this reading can be very useful for someone who needs to understand the “cause or root of the problem”. Mel “JOHN” can give much more clarity because its a connection with the soul and higher self of the individual having the reading.

When is this type of reading necessary & helpful?
Usually what happens is certain individuals embrace a spiritual path or journey of oneself and find that their insatiable quest for knowledge and understanding about life cannot be answered by tarot cards. Something is amiss! This is where “FROM THE HEART READINGS” excels in its ability to supply answers to questions that require more in depth information. Therefore when you approach us for a reading be prepared to have questions ready to ask during these sessions. Your in charge! You take the reading where it needs to go based on your participation!

Need a Reading? Here’s how it works.
Please pay for your reading first, then we will book you an appointment. Please do not expect immediate bookings, as we usually have up to a one week waiting
Camera list. The reason for this is that we offer other wellness services at our location which tend to book up time slots immediately.

Individual face portraits are needed in jpeg form no older than 1 year of yourself. If you want to confirm that the person is your twin flame or soul mate you must attach a photo of that person too.

To Prepare for a Reading
Take the time and write down questions in priority sequence. Proceed to ask them at the time of the reading. Please do not email us the questions.

Pay for Readings in US Currency  REGULAR Price $110 
 Phone Reading by Mel——-30 min by phone $110 US

Skype (Audio ) Reading by Mel——-30 min by Skype $110 US

*Readings by phone are included in price for Canada & United States ONLY.  Other Countries must pay for phone at their own expense.

For  Western Union ~ Wire Transfer ~ Please email for details!

Readings can be paid by paypal but we will add 5% to our prices. Email us for details.

*Readings by skype are done with audio only and no video. The reason for this is Mel goes into a very deep channeling state to allow JOHN to come through. Video requires a more stable connection with the internet and calls have been dropped quite often. Mel finds it difficult to maintain this state of consciousness while having to come back and connect the call again without getting migraine headaches. Therefore video is not allowed for our readings at this time. Our skype address is “goldraytwinflames”.

WE will not accept your skype address unless you have paid us for a reading! After the reading your skype address will be removed from our skype contact list.