[quote style=”boxed”]”I connected with Mel and Nicole’s coincidentally a few years ago after ordering some of their material on line and we instantly formed a warm friendship. After talking with them over some months I decided to train as a Meridian Energetics Practitioner under Mel’s guidance. We had quite a few extremely informative and helpful training sessions on Skype which also gradually opened me up to new and exciting connections and experiences with the Higher Self through the heart centre as well as teaching me the healing technique itself. I very quickly discovered that not only is the program a learning process but it is also about self discovery, healing and opening oneself up to much higher abilities of heightened intuitiveness and gifts. Mel has very special healing abilities himself and together with his gentle and calm voice, his incredible knowledge in all that is mind, body and soul, plus his passion for the direct connect, makes him truly an incredible teacher with many beautiful qualities. I have learned much from doing his Meridian Energetics Practitioners course which has also given me the much required confidence now to help others on a daily basis. Thank you Mel (and of course Nicole) for your continued support.”[/quote]