[quote style=”boxed”]”With great pleasure, honor and gratitude, I would like to thank you all as one, so very much for the assistance you offer in loving service. As a twin soul, like yourselves, there be not many of us, and our lives are different to the majority, that few can understand. After meeting my twin and being thrown in the dark night of the soul, the crash and burn left me to nothing. Upon finding you, listening to your words of wisdom and receiving confirmation, I was able to put myself back together, which at the time I doubted was possible. I would also like to add further support to the wisdom you share. Many may find it difficult to understand the perspectives you offer, and struggle to correlate them with their own beliefs. Each time I listen to your shows, especially when John shares his higher perspectives, I jump with joy, hearing words of wisdom that is rare to come across. While the world still sleeps, pillars of light can be found in darkness. For this I am eternally grateful. Words cannot describe the appreciation and respect I have for you guys. Once again I thank you with all my heart, you were truly life savers for me. Many Blessings,”[/quote]