Mel’s Inner Child classes have been the most fun and fulfilling healing experience I’ve ever had! To actually be given the tools to go back and heal the wounded parts of the core of my being- to release those hidden pockets of pain and of repressed joy in a fun, safe way- has been incredibly life changing to say the least! I laughed, I cried, and ultimately I embraced

”With great pleasure, honor and gratitude, I would like to thank you all as one, so very much for the assistance you offer in loving service. As a twin soul, like yourselves, there be not many of us, and our lives are different to the majority, that few can understand. After meeting my twin and being thrown in the dark night of the soul, the crash and burn left

”I connected with Mel and Nicole’s coincidentally a few years ago after ordering some of their material on line and we instantly formed a warm friendship. After talking with them over some months I decided to train as a Meridian Energetics Practitioner under Mel’s guidance. We had quite a few extremely informative and helpful training sessions on Skype which also gradually opened me up to new and exciting connections

“I have never ever expected to contact anyone on internet. Moreover, to let the one see me with no masks. I just felt this man will do all in his powers to bring the best out of me and that with humor and grace. No tricks , no shame, just the love vibe in action. If you manage to shut up, you will end up inspired and transformed.

“The exercises have had a profound effect on my spiritual development and, as a result, my whole life. In just days and weeks, the potential that I had carried started to materialize into inner and outer events, experiences and abilities that have allowed me to shift to a completely new level and also help others move along on their paths. Excellent spiritual growth training that is also a blast!”