These 1 hour sessions are NOT with “JOHN”. This is not a channeled reading or psychic insight and its not to confirm or validate a twin flame or soul mate relationship.  These 1 hour sessions are an opportunity to speak and receive guidance, advice, counsel or mentorship with Mel.

Twin Flames & Soul Mates

I met the one! But I have all of these questions I need answers to. This session with Mel gives you the opportunity to express your joys, happiness, love and confirming those experiences. It is when power struggles or challenges arise due to emotional, mental, etheric, physical or spiritual challenges/trauma between you and your partner. Mel can help you work through it.

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1 hour session $110.00 US

Successive 30 minute session with Mel $70 US

Sacred Couples

Mel’s understanding of energy based on masculine & feminine principles can help a couple identify the root of the underlying problem in a relationship. Energy is always seeking a way to express itself.  Its major purpose is to bring a soul into balance.  When two people cannot work out a pattern in their relationship; its a matter of having to deal with it from an energy that is created from an ingrained pattern or belief system.  Allow Mel to be your mentor with this option. A couples package consists of 3- 1 hour sessions. One session with each partner alone and then one session together.

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Sacred Couples Mentorship Package of 3 is $350.00 US

Sovereign Singles

Advancement for spiritual growth? This session offers the opportunity for you to discuss and ask questions about spiritual or kundalini awakening (example chakra or psychic development).  Resolving issues with self worth, self esteem whereby childhood (inner child) traumas need to be identified and a step by step process on how to work through that can be achieved. Questions can also be about your own pathway, mission, career, relationship or lifestyle changes.

Payment Options

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1 hour session with Mel $110 US

30 minute successive session with Mel $70 US

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