Mel is a cancer, very sensitive, compassionate and intuitive individual. He is considered to be a late bloomer in terms of realizing his true potential in the field of Metaphysical Science. He spent most of his life working for Inco in Northern Ontario as a Train Engineer. It was not until his experience with the light and a voice telling him that he was “the messenger” at the age of 38 did he seek his true vocation.
Mel went to see a trance channeler by the name of “Lionel” who proceeded to tell him that he had a spirit guide connected to him. He told Mel that he would become a channeler, a spiritual teacher and healer and that he would be helping a great deal of people with their emotional, mental and physical pain. Mel thought he was absolutely ludicrous and walked away. It took some time but the more he thought about it the more he envisioned himself actually doing this form of work. So he went back to Lionel and asked him how he could connect better with this guide. A few sessions later and Mel was considered a born natural! He gave birth to “JOHN” whom intuitively channels through Mel with the voice of a “Scottish-English” accent.
Mel has worked with “JOHN” in order to bring out the teachings of “The Awakening Heart Phenomenon.” It is a series of discourses that will hopefully come out as a book in the future on the evolutionary process that is now taking place in society. It is about the shifting of the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius” but in order for this to happen the human species must go through a transformation at all 5 energy bodies. Right now a brief summary of it is available on the Eagle Heart & Spirit CD.
Mel spends a lot of his time with spiritual counselling, and channelling for his clients. He primarily works with twin flames, soul mates and individuals whom choose the metaphysical pathway of spiritual transformation as a means of healing the soul. His inner child sessions allow individuals a non-pharmaceutical holistic approach to healing sexual, physical, mental, and emotional abuse.
Meridian Energeticsâ is a healing program which he teaches to individuals whom want to learn and work with a 12 chakra system in the form of etheric surgery. This is another interesting journey for Mel as he was initially given the technique in the dream state, step by step every night for about six months. You can read more about that by clicking on Meridian Energetics School for Etheric Healing.
Mel also displays a library of his YOUTUBE VIDEOS dealing with mini clips of experiences, tips and material on the awakening heart and the evolution of relationships.
Mel is able to accomplish his goals more easily since he came together with his twin flame Nicole in 1996.
Together they work as a complimentary team to assist humanity at many levels of consciousness. Mel feels that his 35 years of personal experience of energetic healing & teaching kundalini meditation classes along with “JOHN’s” understanding about the psychological makeup of the human species that he can offer you professional assistance on your path of self exploration and healing. Please feel free to email or contact him by phone for any of his services.

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