Nicole is a very outgoing, creative and charismatic individual who has a zest for life, loves to network and always looks for a solution immediately to any problem that arises in her life. Her skills and abilities began to surface at a very young age with assistance and care from her family. Grandparents on her fathers side showed her the duties of taking care of family from daily household chores, to shopping, preparing and entertaining guests for when they would arrive. Her other set of grandparents on her mother’s side focused more on natural foods grown and cooked on the farm, appreciating and connecting with nature, and taking care of some of her grandparents physical body, hair and nail care treatments .

Later on she worked in restaurants until she went to Maharishi International University. After going to M.I.U for a year she decided to work in Huntsville at the Ayurvedic Clinic & Spa where she was trained as an Ayurvedic Chef, a massage technician for panchakarma clients, and housekeeping. Afterwards she chose some hospitality opportunities in owning Café Angelique and Catering Delight which endeavored to fulfill the needs of the vegetarian and vegan community. She continued her journey to complete a high honors degree in Hotel & Restaurant Management at Cambrian College. After graduation she was offered a job in Switzerland but chose instead to run a small café in Sudbury for a year only to move to Ottawa and live in the Gatineaus where she worked at a high class dining restaurant called “Les Fougeres”
In 1995 she met an Elder of the Shawanaga Nation when her car broke down when traveling through Parry Sound. She had a peace offering ceremony where he told her she was connected to the native people and that his vision saw her coming from the heavens and beyond to be here on the physical plane to assist humanity.

It was not until she joined forces with Mel Brand in 1996 that her skills would exemplify in the field of healing, massage, herbs, supplements, vitamins, flower essences & aromatherapy. It was at that time as well where she had taken a trip to Sedona and had a dream time vision of connecting with “Great Elk” and since then has guided her through many dream time vision quests.

From 1999-2007 Nicole lived with Mel in Northern Ontario doing business in the holistic industry. The healing & counseling kept them busy as people from the Toronto area would come up to see them as well. Their mail order business of selling vibrational energetic nutrition products for the Harmonic Innerprizes, Amazon Herb Company and a few others supplemented the need to assist their clients with an enhanced form of healing. Nicole also published 3 editions of the “Northern Ontario Healthy Lifestyle Directory” to connect smaller communities and enrich their life with holistic options.

In 2008 Nicole moved and presently resides in West Lorne, Ontario which is 25 minutes south of London. She created, REGISTERED and TRADEMARKED the business name MERIDIAN ENERGETICS® which presently functions as a healing center and school for the 12 Chakra and Etheric healing modality locally and globally.

From 2012 to 2018 Nicole apprenticed under Steven Forrest Astrology. She uses evolutionary astrology for assisting clients in matters of past life, soul’s purpose and twin flame soul mate relationship analysis. She developed her own method of remote healing and customized flower remedies based on this astrological theory.

For greater assistance another Meridian Energetics® Office has been located in London, Ontario to see her clients for astrological counselling, healing, reflexology and massage services. She is an instructor for cosmic heart yoga and guided meditation classes.

Nicole feels that her combined experience of Astrology, Hospitality and the Holistic Industry have created within her a more informed, intuitive, and compassionate person to discern the needs of her clients immediately after connecting with them. Please feel free to email or contact her by phone for any of her products and services.

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