Meridian Energetics Inner Child Sessions

The 10 Inner Child Sessions are created to assist individuals with healing aspects of  the fragmented parts of self. Mel has created guided meditation exercises that lead an individual at different phases of their life to acknowledge the damaged part of self along with the remedy. These exercises will help you acknowledge or become aware of what the pain is, and then cleanse and purge the pattern and begin new templating or repatterning of the mind body and spirit connection. All exercises are created with a base foundation in mind. These sessions are not for the purpose of counseling. If you have an issue or situation Mel will usually allow if time permits for you to discuss something with him.  If your discussion needs more time he may ask you to book a separately paid counseling session with him.

Please email us to set up a 15 minute skype chat session to find out if Mel or Nicole can work with you.

Payment for Inner Child Packages

Part 1 Package of 5 costs $500 US

Part 2 Package of 5 costs $500 US

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