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Meridian Energetics

Where individuals come for deep intense healing at an etheric and 12 chakra level of consciousness. The modality which releases blockages and realigns the emotional, mental, physical, etheric bodies, chakras and energy field. This HANDS ON MODALITY can be experienced by our practitioners globally or by visiting our locations in West Lorne or London, Ontario.

MERIDIAN ENERGETICS® is a REGISTERED TRADEMARK. It is owned by Nicole Hibbs but the technique is presently taught by Mel Brand. Legally no one can use this name for any reason in the holistic community as it is protected under the trademark act. The only individuals that are allowed to use the registered trademark are trained Meridian Energetics Practitioners. Our students are taught the modality and its techniques which are also protected under the trademark agreement. Visit our etheric healing site www.meridianenergetics.com

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