Definition of Twin Flames

Twin flames is an earthly term used to describe a One Soul being or Graduate ,one soul in 2 bodies.

A one soul or graduate being is a volunteer that has been chosen to return to earthly density.

As they have developed unique skills and abilities that pertain to the assistance of evolving humanity in this time frame.

A graduate is a soul that has completed all earthly lessons, developed all desired skills, and finished all earthly ties(belief systems, patterns , obligations and debts.

Also all forms of earthly relationships, heterosexual, gay, lesbian, bi sexual, have already been experienced.

Many times over in other life lines, these expressions of self are things now long past.

A graduate or one soul upon returning, splits into 2 equal yet opposite energetic polarities or frequencies.

One being positive one being negative or one being masculine and one being feminine.

Twin polarities equal yet opposite aka Twin flames, a label that applies only in 3 dimensional reality as a belief system.

Following the universal law of this planet which has 2 unique entities upon it.

And to express a spiritual template of unified duality and to have a biological and chemical balance.

Through the whole spectrum of human experience, one would incarnate as female and the other male.

Then in accordance with all other incoming beings, they would agree to these basic rules which apply to all

no exceptions.

1 Each incoming being must agree or submit to incarnating as male or female depending on desired or hoped for results.

2 You the incoming being will have all previous experience blanketed from your consciousness.

So as to maximize your experience, previous experience can be accessed but with some difficulty.

3 You must agree that a certain time line exists, example 2012.

Even though twin flames can be separated by distance, race, culture, religion, ideologies, and philosophies they can never lose touch with each other because they have only one higher self or over soul between the two of them, this telepathic link to each other cannot be broken  by any means

Twin flames because of previous relationship experiences are oriented to mission  format  and out come

Prime focus of which is the generation and creation of  third energy  or  creativity.

While in this physical reality this third energy or creative power is experienced as what we call love.

While  formal relationships do take place in 3rd dimensional  reality amongst twin flames.

They have long since learned that relationships in all forms are nothing more than a learning experience.

To becoming a graduate, and as such these relationships should be enjoyed and experienced  to the fullest.

In whatever form they manifest,. It is what it is.

It must be understood by all beings on this planet that everyone on this planet sooner or later will be a graduate.

And that the sole purpose in being here is to become a graduate and go home.

Written by Mel Brand Copyright 2012

No reproduction or alternation of this article is allowed without the expressed permission of Gold Ray Twin Flames

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