Twin Flames Separation & Emotional Pain
 Written by Mel Brand
I have always had great interest in the general awakening in the general
population of the heart centre chakra. It has been by any standards an
exciting evolutionary spiritual event that is now taking place across our
planet. I think by now, most people have a basic understanding that we are
evolving from the emotional experience of love, relationship, and
sexuality to a spiritual experience of love relationship and sexuality.
All of which entails gigantic changes in our way of thinking, our
personalities, our lifestyles and even down to dietary intake.

In the beginning we were very much aware of the symptoms of the awakening
heart, especially the physical symptoms. In the beginning. It also came
into our awareness of the changes in our belief systems, personality,
chakra system, and of course the awakening of kundalini energy within our
physical bodies. As we transitioned from an emotional experience of love
and relationship. We noticed as a symptoms for a great many of us that we
began to express feelings, fears, any kind of emotional content from a
higher's perspective. Meaning that we started to express a lot of these
feelings and emotions. If you will from the heart centre chakra as opposed
to the solar plexus chakra.

After this particular process was completed, we began to come up with and
create within our own consciousness. A new concept or a waking concept of
love, relationship, and sexuality, that began to draw towards us new
situations of connections with other people. That would have fallen under
the most popular titles of soul to soul connection's, Twin Flame, twin
Rays, soulmates. It is during these types of connections that we
experienced now expressing from heart centre chakra higher frequencies of
love as we liken to call them unconditional love, spiritual love, bliss,
or even bubble love that some like to call it. It comes as no great
surprise that many started to discover that the sole purpose of the heart
centre awakening, which is the most major evolutionary event to take place
on this planet in thousands of years to accomplish something very
important. And that is to evolve us into spiritual beings functioning in
new created relationships not being made manifest from the old belief
systems, doctrines and templating that we have been downloaded with for

During this time of trial and error as we make this transition from the
emotional experience of love to the spiritual experience of love. We have,
of course, our trials and tribulations, where many of these connections
that we make. While initially in the beginning are very personal,
profound, explosive, exciting, titillating. Experiencing this from the
opposite end of the connection which doesn't work falls apart, or simply
ceases can be one of the most painful experiences that an evolving
spiritual person can feel

What I have found with a great many having this difficulty they are asking
the question, why am I feeling so much pain in my heart centre. Why can I
not stop thinking about this particular individual. Why is my life totally
affected by the inability to get this individual out of my mind. The
reason for this is very simple to explain as we are going through this
learning curve of a new template of relationships. We are still going
through the releasing or letting go of the old belief systems and
inevitably what is happening, is we are returning to our old programming
of expectations that what may have happened, you would've liked it had
happened, you wanted to happen, or you planned to have happened.

This then is what creates the problem because we are in a new paradigm of
a new type of relationship giving birth to a self. The old programming
gets in the way and like many who don't know what the future can hold for
a new type, a new kind of relationship we naturally fall back into the old
programming and this is what creates the pain, the more we visualize the
more we see, the more we feel the more we think about what might have
been. The more the process which has been set up as automatic to the heart
centre chakra draws up all of the emotional content that the person has
been visualizing seeing if you will, and create said as an energetic
expression that manifests as pain in the heart centre chakra that can in
some cases go on for weeks, months, and from my experience. I have
actually seen it go on for several years with individuals who don't
understand what's going on.

And to my surprise, I'm finding some people who are well along in the
evolutionary pathway and have had active kundalini for years and a fully
awakened heart centre for an extended period of time still do not
understand this basic simple premise and process that is being activated
within the heart centre chakra. So what does one do about it. Actually,
there are several things that one can do. First of all, one must become
aware of what they're not doing and that is become aware that they have
fallen back into that old process of continually habitually and I say
habitually several times thinking, which is in actual fact, visualization,
or seeing events and circumstances that they would like to have seen
happen in regards to this connection, and most of it is in the terms of a
relationship in the old traditional form that they've experienced in the
past. They must check this habit when they see it coming, and this will
take some effort on the part of some who really lack any form of self
discipline within themselves. Also, the second thing that I would suggest
is one must begin to learn to have a relationship with himself/herself a
relationship with himself/herself simply means being comfortable with just
being you, who you are what you are becoming and focus yourself on
becoming independent, as it were independent in the sense that you feel
comfortable being just with you.

And how does one accomplish that, one can accomplish that by simply
focusing your attention to the pain that you may be having in the heart
centre chakra in regards to the separation, and see a visualization of
yourself in the heart centre chakra standing, perhaps smiling, perhaps
doing something that you really like to do. Perhaps doing something you
really like to be creative at. This over a period of time will begin to
change the frequency in the heart centre chakra. It will begin to lessen
the emotional content that you have drawn up from your habitual seeing or
visualization of this other person. Now it will depend totally on you as
an individual as to how long that will take. Most of you are well aware of
how long it takes you to accomplish a task or to get things done. As a
general rule, if you are aware of that length of time, then it shouldn't
take you much longer than that length of time to accomplish eliminating
the pain of the separation from your soul to soul connection or your Twin
Flame connection relatively quickly.

The most important thing to remember is that you are not alone. You have
you have been gifted with this magnificent mechanism in the centre of your
chest called a heart centre chakra which is your direct connection to an
unending supply of source creative energy that can and will supply you
with all of the needs that you require, at a soul level to assist you in
your growth. All you need to understand is you need to change your habits
of how you view and see things and how you visualize things and when you
correct that all of the potentials of a truly evolving spiritual being
that can manifest with a truly balanced, masculine and feminine energy
field, then you can attract to yourself in equal vibrational energy field
to yourself which can complete your spiritual sojourn.

Mel Brand- Gold Ray Twin Flames Copyright April 2018
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