Having had the distinct advantage of counselling couples going through the
process for going on close to 20 years now. Nicole and I have both noticed
a pattern or sequence of events that takes place during the process. What
I’m going to attempt to do in this post is to speak totally of the process
and leave out any of the labelling which has been the source of much
distortion and confusion because the individuals in question. Pick a label
and then create information surrounding that label. The most notorious of
which is the label Twin Flames.
The process of itself begins when two energy fields or two states of
consciousness are in a relative degree of harmony and frequency and based
on hereditary, genetic, and soul group, and with the intuitive insight of
the higher or total self, two individuals as a general rule can meet and
connect by what some would call coincidence, synchronicity’s and sheer
chance. Sometimes the process arranges that the the individuals in
question may already be in a marriage or relationship, and may be in
different counties, countries, or even on different continents. The point
to remember here before I continue in this post is that this is a process,
a process that would’ve appeared to be by observation, one that is totally
misunderstood by the average individual who is a participant in it.
As many of you have heard me say in the past on the initial connection of
the two individuals they move into a state of higher state of
consciousness,an exalted state of consciousness, or what I commonly like
to call the bubble love. During this state, which can be experienced for a
few days, a few weeks, and in some cases months, and in a few extreme rare
cases extending into a year or two. During this time one or both of the
individuals in this high vibrational connection can experience a high
degree of sensitivity, exceptionally enhanced emphatic abilities, highly
tuned and focused psychic abilities, activation of the Kundalalini energy,
intense heart center awakenings, and in some cases borderline psychotic
mental states.
Now I come to the part of the explanation of the process that’s going to
be extremely difficult to explain ,because in the normal explanation one
would say here’s where all the mistakes are made by individuals. But what
I am going to say is it at this point that the individuals in question
start experiencing problems with the unfoldment of the process that one of
them, or perhaps two of them, maybe going through at the same time. I need
to emphasize here that not always are the two people experiencing to the
same degree or high vibrational level of the intensity of the experience
and this can also create problems and or issues.
Now discussing the problems that can arise in these given situations. They
are as follows. Because of the intensity of these experiences which in
almost every case that we have ever experienced is above and beyond what
the individual or individuals have experienced. And because the connection
between the two can be so intimate, personal, and explosive. Here is where
the first problem arises. Because of our previous programming conditioning
and behaviour in regards to connections between two people. Nicole and I
have found that at this point. Assumptions are made usually by one or
both, but in the majority of cases by the female that some sort of unique,
special, or out of the ordinary Relationship is pending or forthcoming
soon, sooner, or as soon as she or he can arrange it. According to old
expectations, agendas, relationship experiences that have been experienced
by the individuals from the past that were deeply ingrained belief systems
about love relationship and sexuality come into play. This then is problem
number one.
Sooner or later the exalted state or bubble love as I like to call it must
return to a relative state of normal. When I say a relative state of
normal. I mean it must come back to what it was prior to the bubble love
or exalted state. At this point a very important aspect is added in to the
matrix. It is called the emotional body, usually at this point the two
individuals start experiencing triggering, pushing each others buttons,
getting into arguments, and downright nitpicking with each other. At this
point. Many of the individuals involved with the process because they
cannot bring it to resolution, understanding, or at minimal agreement,
simply part ways in confusion, anger, frustration, disappointment. Never
realizing that because they had no information on the process, no
understanding, and no tools to work with, the process will repeat itself
again and again and again, until the process itself comes to fruition.
This then is problem number two.
During this time when all of this is going on what everyone seems to do,
which is a natural thing to do now because that’s what we’ve been trained
to do, instead of seeking answers within our self, we have been trained
and brainwashed to seek answers outside of our self. Or simply put Google
it. This then is problem number three.
It usually never comes to the understanding of the two individuals in
question that when the argumentative states come, the button pushing, the
emotional turmoil. That they actually do something which seems to be
rather a strange behaviour pattern for a great many of us. That is to act,
understand, and take a serious look (Without Getting Emotional) as to what
is actually happening between the two individuals. It’s called being an
adult and acting with a sense of maturity as to what you are experiencing.
At this point the emotional body which as many of you may have noticed,
now becomes the dominant force in your expression it completely awakens to
to your complete lack of emotional maturity. Yes, that’s what I said
emotional maturity. Part of the process in itself is to achieve in the
individual or individuals in question. A growing up, a coming-of-age, a
spiritual maturity. If you will that completes the individual as a
balanced mature individual functioning from a higher vibration which was
initially attended to in the exalted state or higher state of
consciousness that you experienced in the bubble love or exalted phase in
your initial connection. In other words, at this phase of the connection
as the emotional body begins to react and all of the real emotional you,
with all of the programming that you have taken in comes to the forefront.
Don’t take It Personally. This then is problem number four.
To continue on with the final aspect or the ending of this post and by the
power of observation that we have observed over the last few years that
these connections that are taking place between individuals, are for no
other purpose than to get us to grow up, mature, and acquire the state of
balance and equality within ourselves. First of all by having
attracted,that person or persons to our self. And with each exposure to
these types of connections certain aspects of our self that no longer fit
our personality and the evolution of our self are exposed. Have any of you
that have had one of these connections of mind boggling dimensions
explosive energies and heart center connection that is beyond your
comprehension. Have you not also experienced the vulnerability the
openness and the sheer awareness of all your flaws, character defects and
simply things you need to correct. This then is problem number five
The actual purpose of the process is not and I emphasize is not about twin
flames. The actual process is about bringing you into maturity, and from
what we have observed I have to say this with the clearest intent and
honesty. It would appear to myself and Nicole and quite a few others that
most of us, and you are not getting the message so therefore the degree of
difficulty and anguish, the pain, the suffering that some seem to be going
through on a continual basis and spend no end of time whining., pining
,crying, wailing, and gnashing their teeth in so many Facebook groups, but
more specifically, in a multitude of twin flame groups. Are nothing more
than immature children that refuse to grow up so therefore the repetitive
action will repeat itself again and again and again. This then is problem
number six,
We have also found at this particular point in time that due to the
underdeveloped aspect of the imaginative faculty that a great many people
but more specifically individuals who are focused on the Twin Flame
Obsession do not seem to understand that there immature and developing
imaginative faculty can create for them visions, information ,and
intuitive insights presuppose to be from ascended Masters and or angels
that preoccupy them self with confusing the process even more. This is
problem number seven.
At this particular point, it would be important to remember that
everything that we are going through and everything that we are
experiencing is of a positive nature. The process will not go away. The
difficulties that many choose to experience and experience again and again
and again. It is simply because of their own choosing because they refused
to let go of their own concept of relationship, love, sexuality, and in a
great many cases control. Control being the factor of an ego-based state
of consciousness that has been programmed into us and into individuals
that is a factor that must be dissolved. Problem number eight.
It would be wise of individuals to understand that at this particular
point in our history. There are a few individuals who have already gone
through this process and been successful in completing it. While they are
not perfect, they usually have great understanding and have acquired
something that is the most valuable commodity in the process itself. This
is called experience. Experience is not acquired automatically, experience
is acquired by living, moving, experiencing, feeling, doing, the process
itself. If you and your infinite wisdom out there can find someone, one or
two of them who have actually done this. Hang on to them. Listen to what
they have to say. They will probably share with you willingly, and help
you go through the process. This then is the solution

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