Twin Flames: Separation and Spiritual Maturity

Having the pleasure of working with a lot of Twin Flames, we have experienced a lot of individuals going through the same things: the sadness, the grief, the pain, the depression, the melancholy. One needs to keep in mind here with the Twin Flame union there is a Five body match-up (meld) that has to take place. I need to be repetitive here, you need to realize there is more to a Twin Flame union than just two people coming together in a pre-destined or chosen meld or merge that emanates into a connection at the physical level.  There is a whole lot more in between.

The five aspects that need to be addressed are the spiritual body connection (this is easy as it comes automatically, in some cases it is very mystical and loving, the merge takes place and usually involves prolonged periods of intimacy, euphoria, etc, that is the easy part), and the integration of the mental, the emotional, the etheric and physical, all have to happen. They have to come together in a reasonable facsimile of a complimentary blend between the two individuals. If there is any one that doesn’t come together or any two then the Twin Flame union will break apart of its own accord.

A lot of people misunderstand that when it doesn’t work, they think the other person has been a failure or that they have been a failure. When in essence that may not be the case at all. In regards to the situation, what is happening is that the bodies just mentioned (one or two) have not all come together. The majority of cases what we have found is that when there is one in particular body that does not come together, for e.g. the emotional body – 99.9% of the time when we have dealt with twin flames in crisis mode, we are dealing specifically with the emotional body.

The others don’t seem to be a problem. I should actually change the name of it to the pain body, because that’s what happens, the emotional body has all this pain and separation: grief, the ability to eat, focus, sleep, all that stuff is expressed in the emotional body. So what happens is this: when the two separate, all of this is coming from the emotional body. Ideally, in this merge of five bodies there has to be a level or balance of all five bodies.

Everybody knows this physical experience can be very emotional, we think we are making decisions but we are making them from the emotional body. We react to stimulus through the emotional body. We are functioning in most areas by the unseen emotional body so it is only common sense that this happens in a Twin Flame union, especially as they are going through a spiritual awakening so everything they are is intensified to the 10th degree. The problem is they don’t have enough knowledge of the Twin Flame merge and meld as it filters through. All of the bodies have to reach a synergistic blend, a Yin-Yang balance and state of maturity. When it comes to the emotional body you can have adults but when they come to the emotions they can be like a 10 year old kid. In many cases when Twin Flames come together and conflict starts, where is the source? You got it. The emotional body. It is all about the emotional body (which is a mirror image of the imprints of the etheric body).

In many cases we have found that the pain has started (the wailing, the crying, the grief) has manifested because what they thought should or could have happened, didn’t happen and they had these expectations or concepts of what a Twin Flame union is. People create illusionary expectations based on fantasy, romance and illogical concepts (romance is part of the union but it is not the first and foremost thing) so they have all the ideas in their etheric about what love is, their concept of relationships, in regards to the emotional body.

So when the Twin Flames come together they have to filter, meld and merge all those bodies together. It doesn’t have to be perfect, reasonably close will do. Perfection is not required. Keeping in mind they are both probably going through the Kundalini awakening so everything is going to be multiplied. So when people go through the sadness and grief, what is happening is that the emotional body is expressing its disappointment in not being successful, because it has the etheric imprint, the expectation that there should have been a relationship, love, etc, and when it doesn’t happen all these spin offs take place. The emotional body has not reached a place of stability and maturity where there could have been a cohesive merging of the two people.

When the conflict starts this is all about emotional issues, we see it all the time. The other connections are not usually a problem – the spiritual, the mental, the physical and sexual, they can even be fun! The emotional body is where we find the imprints, the belief systems, the patterns, and they can vary, all because the emotional body has not matured or evolved. So it expresses itself through the pain system it holds. I hope you understand I am trying to be of assistance, rather than make you feel bad. Given the idea that (if you have already connected with your twin flame) that you understand that you have probably already completed the spiritual body merge, that is complete, that can never be taken away, that in the mental body you have thought it through, etc, that is probably cemented also. And in some cases Twin Flames come together and be intimate…but sooner or later everyone has to deal with the emotional body. The level of maturity will dictate what happens next. And we know this by experiencing it ourselves, and we have seen it with dozens of others over the year.

The good news is that if you grasp the concept of what I’m saying, then very quickly your emotional body will then accept the information im giving you, and then you can begin to (given the opportunity) start to go back into the mental body then you will start rethinking this whole process. If you go into depression, that’s because you have a concept and expectation of love and relationships that didn’t happen. So therefore the emotional body, being something like a kid, stomps its feet and says if you don’t give me what I want then I’m going to make you very unhappy, I’m going to make you sad, depressed, I’m going to make you sick, stop you from eating, sleeping, etc, because YOU didn’t do what I want. This is what you are doing. So given that you understand what I’m saying the idea is to remember is that you will very quickly start thinking in new ideas and concepts of relationships and love. Try to change that old programming, that you probably had from being 12 years old, or from seeing romantic Twin Flame sites on the internet.

There are a lot more Twin Flames coming together on the planet and that is beautiful, but why is only one in every hundred set of Twin Flames making it and the rest don’t? The reason is the biggest blockage is the emotional body. The beauty of it is that if you can grasp this, and let go of it and know it can get better (this is what we have experienced).

I and Nicole have got the opportunity to meet some Twin Flames that I thought no way, never would they get together. They said it was over and done with, but what happened is that they let go of the situation and emotions, and they began to emotionally grow and evolve. They don’t blame anyone for it, the other person or themselves, they finally accept the fact they are ready to grow. Some people treat the separation almost like the death process, its not, it is a process of spiritual growth and evolution of the spiritual body. The person can and will go through it.

The beauty of it is, remember I said that initial connection of spiritual body level, and mental level and maybe physical level, is still there. That connection is still maintained even though you may not be talking to each other. Both of you go your own way and what can happen is (and this is happening on a grand scale all on the planet) whether we like it or not are being forced through the evolutionary process. Lightworkers and New Age people talk of the infusion of a new energy, well actually our awareness is opening up, we are becoming more sensitive, more open, to what has always been there and we are reacting to it. Especially with Twin Flames, they are no exception.

The thought processes and imprints that are coming up express in consciousness, and are gone. You will create, with your Higher Consciousness, new templates of relationships and love, and as your frequency starts to change because you are not stomping your feet, you are not sad, you are not crying, you are not sick, you are not doing all of this and you have grown beyond it, then your frequency changes because your emotional body has changed in frequency, it has grown up and matured a bit. And as you still have the connection with your Twin Flame, just when you think it is over, it is not!

As I have mentioned, I have met Twin Flames that I would never have thought have made it and they did, and I have had to eat humble pie a few times. The prime reason many Twin Flames are not making it is because of the emotional body and the lack of maturity. When you gain the maturity you gain that state of consciousness, that frequency that can reunite you with your Twin Flame. The reason I am emphasizing this is that Twin Flames have the potential to manifest what I call the Third Energy, or the emanation of unconditional love. But in order for Twin Flames to manifest that, through all levels of the body (spiritual, mental, emotional, etheric and physical) there has to be a reasonable synergistic blend.

And if you really understand that Twin Flames is not a fantasy, romance, or candlelight dinners, it is actually some personal growth and awareness. And if you really want to grow, and you really want to be with your Twin Flame you can be, but you have to do the work, you have to pick yourself up by the boot straps and say I’m going to get going and get doing, even if my Twin Flame is not back. And you then can put yourself in a position where you can attract through the law of attraction many other things you want in your life. So it is important to remember that nothing is over. When you think it is over, it is only over because your emotional body is not at that maturity, frequency that matches that. And this can happen to both of you at the same time. The male will usually be the one that runs away from it but not always.

Spiritual maturity  is something that must be reached by both parties and they will not be brought together on a permanent basis by higher self till this achieved.

This article produced and written by Mel Brand & edited by Nicole Hibbs copyright 2012

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