The Signs and Symptoms of Awakened & Fused Twin Flames

By Mel Brand & Nicole Hibbs -written 2010

Previous signs and symptoms found on almost every twin flame or soul mate website today have not been changed for the last 50 years or more. It is important to understand that spiritual awakening is constantly changing, growing, and evolving everyday.

With that thought in mind, every segment in society has advanced. Therefore the twin flame odyssey, its further acceleration of experience and consciousness needs to be addressed as well.

As of 2010 signs and symptoms listed below have been compiled from the personal awakenings of Mel Brand, Nicole Hibbs and several other sets of twin flames going through similar experiences. Spiritual growth is continual it never stops, even amongst twin flames.

1) Awakened twin flames have fully incarnated their higher self and they have between the two of them a shared higher self.

2) Awakened twin flames with one higher self have a direct connect with the oversoul or creator source essence. As such awakened twin flames do not require or need external sources of information. Example of such would be ascended masters, angelic beings or extraterrestrial entities.

3) Awakened twin flames are fully aware of their previous planned and selected incarnations that were chosen for the development of skills abilities, and psychological development for their mission in this lifetime.

4) Awakened twin flames are fully aware they have never been searching lifetime after lifetime for each other. They have always been ONE and are always aware of each others presence and whereabouts. However both TWIN FLAMES AND SOUL MATES CAN EXPERIENCE INTENSE PULLING AND LONGING.

5) Awakened twin flames are the embodiment in physical reality in male and female form. They manifest as twin flames at a body, mind, spirit frequency.

6) Awakened twin flames under the guidance of the oversoul have created in different timelines, dimensions and realities additional life form beings. These beings are called essence selves, alternate lives, god essences, or soul extensions. When twin flames have awakened to a certain frequency of spiritual maturity in physical reality they will integrate energetically each of them the energetic body of these original soul extensions. Given time they will gain the conscious awareness, knowledge, wisdom and experience of these soul extensions. This is the new template presented by Jesus and Mary Magdelene for the evolution of humanity 2000 years ago.

7) Awakened twin flames will be able to accelerate the growth and ascension of the etheric body through the guidance of the oversoul in themselves and in the etheric body of other individuals.

Twin Flames are a template.

8) Awakened twin flames function from a 12 chakra system, not a 7 chakra system as this is the old template of humanity.

9) Awakened twin flames have purged and cleansed their etheric body and karma does not exist in a twin flame union. Twin Flames who preach karma, create karma.

10) Awakened and fused twin flames have a fully functional etheric body meridian system and are fully aware on how to modulate the frequencies of energies of the planetary line up through this meridian system. Since they have this ability they function from a non-linear multidimensional state of consciousness, their awareness of events such as 11-11-11 or 12-12-12 is just another expression of frequency that they already have access to within their chakra system. This means that while others feel they experience a new energy, twin flames are always in the state of perpetual frequency. For example….a spaceship for the first time experiencing hyper drive. Twin Flames are always in hyper drive…..a continual state of motion backward & forward time.

11) Awakened twin flames are masters of their sexual energy. They are able consciously to move and circulate through all the bodies, transmuted sexual energy into co-creative acts. They are not ruled by their sexual energy.

12) Awakened twin flames have one energy field or energy body contained within that energy field a figure 8 or the infinity symbol connected to both of them in a certain fashion. This pattern of energy can be seen by a very good clairvoyant. If this pattern is not visible with one or both individuals, they are not twin flames.

13) Awakened twin flames are not triggered to emotional responses by energetic imprints contained within the etheric body. They are free from most emotional responses and are discovering the true potential and nature of the emotional body which is a vast reservoir of energy that can be used for higher spiritual growth. The etheric body contains the programming. The emotional body is the activator. It is also the gas tank or fuel. As such awakened twin flames will have in general a clear and radiant energy field or aura which will lack emotional content leaving the auric field a golden or silvery hue with radiant bursts of pink.

14) When a ONE soul being splits in two, for a planned incarnation, both will incarnate together. They may both not incarnate into physical reality but may choose a different reality or time line. One never remains in the spiritual plane while the other is incarnate. To do so is an illusion created by individuals in physical reality.

15) There are one soul beings (twin flames) who in planning their earthly mission plan deliberately prior to entering into the physical to not come together but to remain apart after an initial meeting. Because at an oversoul level depending upon the soul group or culture in which they incarnate their mission may be more fruitful in being of service by not coming together because they can accomplish more. This will be very difficult for some here at a conscious level to understand the overall mission plan of a twin flame couple. But the mission is priority.

16) At the present time on planet earth there are several hundred sets of awakened and fused twin flames that have come together in balance & service. There are hundreds of other only beginning to awaken or are only partially awakened because they are caught in belief systems and patterns that originate as such only here in this reality. Also most of these awakened twin flames are manifest in many different segments of society outside of the light worker & newage community. Most of these are not even aware consciously they are twin flames. They do their mission quietly and discreetly without fanfare and ceremony.

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