Twin Flames Evolution of Relationship

I believe that at this time it might be wise to point out to the general observer that there is a huge spiritual evolutionary process taking place on this planet and it is based upon one single item that is  of the utmost importance. Each and every one of us as we read this article can remember many things in our society that no longer resonate or please us, or we would like to see change in some way shape or form. Right now at this time our political structure, our religious teachings, our financial institutions, and the corporations and industries that have been the pinnacle of our society have been exercising more control, more dictating to how we live our lives and how many personal freedoms we enjoy. Up to this point, most of us have been exercising our displeasure through pointing out certain individuals, leaders, politicians, CEOs, and leaders in other areas of our society as being the problem that needs to be dealt with. But there is an underlying aspect to this phenomenon that is going on that is of the utmost importance to become aware of. That in spite of all of our criticism and judgment of these individuals in these different segments of society, they, themselves are not the problem. They in fact are the result of the problem, and that problem is this.

The whole of our society at this particular time, whether we are aware of it or not , functions around one basic premise and the whole of our society cannot happen unless this particular aspect is the center of the hub of our society and that aspect is relationships. Each one of those individuals in our society today that we are having so many problems with are the end result of a large portion of our society which manifest in dysfunctional, unhealthy, unbalanced ,and void of any spiritual template relationships. The end result being the large states of chaos we have going on in so many different segments of our society at this time, so it has been entering into my consciousness as I’m sure it must’ve come into the consciousness of other individuals that not necessarily do we need to eliminate these leaders in these different segments , but the whole structure of relationships as we have known them for thousands of year must go through some form of spiritual evolution and it must happen soon or we as a society will obviously eventually self-destruct .That we are in partial decay at this particular time is obvious and sticking our head in the sand and pretending that everything around us doesn’t exist  as many so-called spiritual people tend to do , will not help in the solution of the problem .

Also the idea of some form of Ascension where a good number of us are supposed to according to the theory move into some multi dimensional earthlike existence again professes to the wild imaginative faculty of certain individuals and this denotes what I call spiritual escapism . Recently, in discussing some spiritual concepts and ideas with a close friend of mine. We both came to the same conclusion as I’m sure many others have. That we as a species are not going to be allowed to evolve into higher states of consciousness where we will be bestowed with extraordinary mental and spiritual abilities dragging all of the dysfunctional belief systems and templates, and behavioral patterns of the mental and emotional body with us, and especially in regards to the relationship templates that each and every one of us have at this time. So a change was necessary. That change has now been taking place on a grand scale for well over 40 years through a process of spiritual evolution and a wondrous event called heart center awakening . . This event appearing to the individual as being a spontaneous activates the heart chakra what takes place next is a miraculous process , which in my opinion is divine intervention in which the whole character , personality, and individual identity of the whole individual on all levels goes through change . . Each and every day on this planet. There are literally thousands upon thousands upon thousands of individuals who begin an evolutionary process with the activation of the heart center, chakra and I might add . There are no exceptions . In all of the population this evolutionary process of heart center awakening is going on. This also includes all of those individuals  in all of those segments of society that we are so displeased with  at this time .

Keep in mind here that we are talking here about a process of evolution  yes, the process is to produce a spiritual entity at the end of the process , but it is a process of evolution those , that are not fit  cannot for any reason be it simply because they will not  or cannot change  will simply be eliminated through the process of death , and they in turn will have to return in some later incarnation to go through it again. . It is also important to remember that this evolutionary process does not recognize , age, race,   gender, religious denomination and can and does happen  too many individuals on a daily basis when they least expect it. Because everything in our society at this particular time  is oriented towards the relationship concept in some form , the activation can and does in many cases  constitutes the presence of another person  as the activating force  this is because  of the deeply template  belief systems about relationships .  One of the greatest difficulties at this point for many individuals is they perceive because there is some sort of activation  and they feel this  as many call it unconditional love, energy connect with another person  that there has to be some form of relationship pending and this is because of the templated belief system  in our consciousness

Within a decade or two this will not be necessary as individuals will go through the process without having someone act as a catalyst for them. In the future. This will dictate gigantic changes in all forms of relationship heterosexual, homosexual or in any other form. What we now see as the template of our relationships, within a decade or two will be gone. This event now taking place will balance out our society as we have been moving too fast towards dependence upon our technology. Technology without a spiritual balance is a very unhealthy situation and one only needs to take a look around at what’s going on the planet in this day and age and I think that most would agree with me. This will be an introductory article on the evolution of relationships in future articles I will go into great depth on the unfolding of the process itself based on an individual basis.

Written by Mel Brand copyright 2012

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