Twin Flames & Soul Mates Rebirth

As you are reading this article somewhere on mother Earth whether its spring, summer, fall or winter a sequence of events is about to take place. This event recognizes no culture, religion or race. It will happen to the professional, the teacher, the mailman, or the teenager across the street. It will come when we least expect it and most will want it to go away. It varies from individual as to the intensity and symptoms they will feel. It usually begins as a pain of a higher or lesser intensity in the spine, which moves upward and downward. Pain or discomfort in various organs of the body. It can also be a spinning or warm glow in the center of the chest that makes individuals feel like they are having a heart attack. Overwhelming expressions of love, sadness and depression, and along with radical changes that take place in the digestive tract requiring special dietary changes.
Feeling confused or like they are dying, they usually seek out traditional medical advice with the added use of pharmaceuticals. In most cases they feel worse and seek out the help of an alternative health practitioner which gives them some form of relief. On the other hand highly sensitive & intuitive individuals find it really does not solve their crisis of whats really going on.
This event has been elaborated on by many individuals who have partially gone through the evolutionary process; Gopi Krishna being one of them .
In 1980, I had the privilege of being a guest speaker at the KRN Kundalini Research Network to elaborate on my findings. My opinion was 60% of the general population were experiencing this process. Today well over 90% are indeed tuning into this “higher something”. Some call it spiritual awakening or rebirth. Simply put it is a biological evolutionary process that changes us at cellular and molecular levels. If the transformation takes place in a “nurturing environment” these individuals will have superior health, expanded awareness and improved state of consciousness. Here lies the problem. There is no “one form” of therapy to provide these individuals information about the changes they will go through.
Where will they get guidance about energetic nutrition & therapy to support the remodeling of their body, mind & spirit. What will they do when help is necessary to cleanse old ego based belief systems and patterns from their etheric body, second body or inner body(as Eckhart Tolle calls it). At present we have a multitude of alternative health practitioners who do not have any knowledge of the etheric or inner body. Much less of how to work from within it.
I have seen a dramatic increase over the past 10 years in chronic mental disorders, and teenage suicides due to this evolutionary process. Hopefully in the near future, people may be ready to accept this concept of an etheric or inner body. Here is food for thought. Stress does not exist in the physical body but only exists in the etheric or inner body as an energetic vibrational impulse and manifests in the physical as a symptom. We need to move beyond the concept of treatment for just the physical body. The alternative therapies state “mind, body, spirit” but are we really addressing the evolution of the spirit & consciousness?

by Mel Brand Edited by Nicole Hibbs copyright 2008

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