Soul Evolution- Creation of the Third Energy

Twin Flames as messengers bring with them a possibility of a creative ability that ultimately will be accessed by all of humanity. As Twin Flames initially come together and their spiritual body reunites and becomes one there is a period of days, weeks or months where they live in a vortex of union which goes beyond description even for the couple themselves.

Because they are so engulfed with each other in their moments of divine oblivion and physical intimacy they fail to notice for a time an important event that is taking place. With the fusion of the 5 bodies: the spiritual, the mental, the emotional, the etheric and the physical body in intimacy there is a third energy that is created by them.

In describing the third energy it is a co-creative divine force and could be called the holy spirit, the divine trinity or the divine triad. It is this energy that has been hidden and locked away from humanity. Unbeknown to the twin flame couple it is the third energy that they have created which causes the friction and clashes that so many twin flame couples experience after they return from the heights of their mystical union. It is not understood by most twin flames that the first purging, cleansing and elimination of impurities and imbalances in both their personalities and the 5 bodies mentioned has begun. The connection and spiritual union has been consummated in all 5 bodies and the third energy now works and flows through them. If the couple progresses by eliminating impediments, issues, patterns and vibrations their union will jump to the next level of initiation. Usually though at this point many twin flames part because they cannot or will not let go of old patterns. If they succeed in progressing past these illusions, creation of the third energy begins to enter their awareness, they can enhance and accelerate the emanation of the third energy through themselves and their surroundings. This usually comes as a great surprise to both. It is also at this point where it enters their consciousness as to the responsibility to the use and emanation of this divine third energy. At this point they realize that they have full control of the third energy that moves through and around their bodies. It is usually at the third level of initiation they realize that this third energy has extended beyond themselves and creates a ripple effect that emanates around them for miles. It is also at this point the couple fully realize that a balanced creative development of higher self becomes crucial. They are now well into their twin flame mission and with the combination of the third energy that they are able to create at will, the law of attraction applies in direct relation to the purity and balance of the third energy and higher self connection they emanate. As they progress they go through several more initiations of the 5 bodies previously mentioned. As the frequency of love grows and evolves with the twin flame couple the frequency and energy of the third energy they emanate increases multi fold. They now have more light to share with others.

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